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AMPER 2010 Exhibition(FCC Public a roboty LEGO)

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Final ROBO Contest (11.12.2009)

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Videos of Robots from CTU

News at Czech TV

Visitors day at CTU

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ROBORACE 2008 ROBO SOUTĚŽ has been established in cooperation with Institut of control systems and system theory Stuttgartu university, on the basis of similar competition ROBORACE.
Information about the last year contest at ROBORACE 2008 Universität Stuttgart.

Photogallery from Robo contest 2009

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The winning team flew in a helicopter!

Robot LEGO® MINDSTORMS® at Department of Control Engineering

The Photo Gallery from Robo contest 2009

The Open day at Faculty of Electrical Engineering 27.1.2009

Article: Robots – the motivation subject of the bachelor’s program at the Department of Control Engineering, CTU in Prague